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Truck Driver Salaries in Canada: What You Need to Know

Truck driving is an essential occupation that fuels Canada’s economy. This article explores the earnings of truck drivers in Canada, focusing on various aspects that influence their income.

What Factors Determine a Truck Driver’s Salary in Canada?

The salary of a truck driver in Canada is influenced by several factors, which include the type of employment, experience, the cargo carried, and the geographic location.

Type of Employment

  • Company Driver: Earns a regular salary or hourly wage.
  • Owner-Operator: Profits are made from the cargo transported minus operational costs. Notably, an owner operator truck driver salary in Canada can be significantly higher due to the autonomy they enjoy and the business model they operate under.


Drivers with more years under their belt typically earn more, given their expertise in navigating routes and handling various cargo types.

Type of Cargo

Carrying specialized or hazardous materials often commands higher wages due to the extra certifications and skills required.

Geographic Location

Salaries can differ dramatically across different provinces and territories, influenced by local economic activities and cost of living. For instance, the truck driver salary in Toronto might differ from what is typical in more rural areas.

Average Salaries Across Canada

The average salary for truck drivers in Canada varies widely. Most drivers earn between $40,000 and $70,000 per year. However, specifics like truck driver salary per hour in Canada or truck driver salary in Canada per month can provide more granular insights into their earnings.

By Hour and Month

  • Per Hour: On average, truck drivers might earn between $19 to $28 per hour, depending on their experience and the company’s pay structure.
  • Per Month: Monthly earnings can range from approximately $3,333 to over $5,833, reflecting a full-time schedule.

Provincial Variations

  • Highest Truck Driver Salary in Canada: Certain regions, especially those rich in resources like Alberta and Saskatchewan, often offer the highest salaries to attract skilled drivers.

How Pay Structure Influences Earnings

Truck drivers in Canada might be paid hourly, by mileage, or a fixed salary, depending on their employment terms.

Hourly Pay

Hourly wages are straightforward and provide consistent earnings regardless of distance traveled.

Mileage Pay

Compensation based on distance can incentivize longer routes but may vary with the number of available loads.


Some drivers receive a fixed salary, which simplifies budgeting but might limit earning potential compared to performance-based pay.

Benefits and Additional Compensation

Truck drivers often receive various benefits, which can include health insurance, retirement plans, and paid vacations. Bonuses might also be available for long-haul routes or for transporting hazardous materials.

Comparisons with Other Driving Professions

It’s interesting to compare truck driving with other driving roles in Canada:

  • Family Driver Salary in Canada: Generally lower, as these roles often offer stability but fewer hours and responsibilities.
  • Taxi Driver Salary in Canada: Can vary widely, largely dependent on the hours worked and the area in which one operates.

Path to Becoming a Truck Driver in Canada

How to Become a Truck Driver in Canada

To become a truck driver, one must typically complete a professional training program, obtain a commercial driver’s license, and gain experience through on-the-job training. Understanding local regulations and maintaining a clean driving record are also crucial.

Future Outlook and Challenges

While the demand for truck drivers remains steady, factors such as economic shifts, seasonal changes, and technological advancements like autonomous vehicles can influence future salary trends. Nevertheless, as online shopping and global trade grow, the need for skilled truck drivers is expected to stay robust.


A career in truck driving in Canada can be lucrative and stable, offering various pathways for advancement and earning potential. With the right training and strategic career choices, truck drivers can navigate this dynamic field effectively, enjoying a rewarding professional life.

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